Dale & Robyn Grant are the founders and owners of Flipz.  They have over 40 years of combined gymnastics coaching experience in Colorado, Washington, Texas, Alabama, California and New Hampshire.  They previously owned and operated two gymnastics gyms in Northern California for eleven years.  Together they have built successful gymnastics programs by encouraging children of all ages to achieve their goals and by providing a safe, fun environment for learning.  Robyn teaches the preschool and recreational classes and Dale is the head team coach.  They are both USAG Safety Certified and First Aid and CPR certified.   Dale is also a USAG Meet Director and a Professional Member, as well as a USAG Level 3 team coach.

Kerstin Cornell fell in love with gymnastics when her mom foolishly rented the Nadia Comaneci biopic to keep her entertained while she had chicken pox. Since that time she has not be able to keep herself away from the sport for more than a few months at a time. As a child, she trained at what is now Geddert’s Twistars gymnastics club in Lansing, Michigan where she competed through level 9.  She began coaching recreational classes and pre-team shortly after retiring from competition.  She also coached everything from pre-school classes to team in San Francisco, California.  She came to New Hampshire to attend law school in the fall of 2011 and, thankfully, found Flipz the next spring. She is currently a USAG Instructor Member and instructs pre-team through optional beam and floor.

Elizabeth Bline - Lizzie is a former competitive gymnast who instructs recreation, pre-team and beginning and intermediate tumbling classes.  She also coaches compulsory team.  Lizzie is USAG Safety Certified, a USAG Professional member and is First Aid and CPR certified.

Skye Butman instructs recreation and tumbling classes, as well as our In-house team.  She puts her CrossFit training to use by leading  strength and conditioning for team members.  Skye is also an instructor for the Ninja Challenge program at Flipz.  Skye is First Aid and CPR certified.

Madison Grant - Maddie instructs recreation classes and helps with the Flipz In-house team.  She also supervises most of our parties.

Nicole Nason was a former tumbler at Flipz. She was taught beginning through advanced level tumbling skills by Dale and Robyn Grant. Nicole is  a former Captain of the Pembroke Academy Varsity cheerleading team. She has 10 years of competitive cheerleading background as we'll as three years coaching experience. Nicole was named the 2013 Coach of the Year, for the American Youth Cheerleading Association. She currently coaches two cheerleading teams in the Concord area; the Pembroke Junior Spartans and the Armand R. DuPont middle school program.  Nicole is both First-aid and Concussion certified. She attends NHTI, in Concord, perusing a degree in Business. Nicole's passion is contributing to the development of successful athletes.

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